Lin-Qing Chen


I have been exploring the quantum nature of spacetime from diverse perspectives: my PhD mainly focused on a path integral approach of quantum gravity, as well as a phenomenological theory. After graduate school I have been exploring the symmetries and anomalies of the near horizon gravitational phase space and the horizon microstate counting, since they hint at a holographic description of near horizon quantum gravity. Recently I am very excited to join Ognyan Oreshkov’s group in ULB, where I plan to study indefinite causal structure, and its interplay with locality and diffeomorphisms. Eventually I want to describe the causal structure for the quantum gravity regime.

Recent Publications

  1. L.-Q. Chen, The integrability of Virasoro charges for axisymmetric Killing horizons, accepted by JHEP (2021). arXiv
  2. L.-Q. Chen, W. Z. Chua, S. Liu, A. J. Speranza, B. S. L. Torres, Virasoro hair and entropy for axisymmetric Killing horizons, Physical Review Letters 125, 241302 (2020). arXiv

All sessions by Lin-Qing Chen

Session I

07 Jun 2022
9:00 - 10:00
Great Hall, Somerville House