QISS 2022

Conference at Western

6 - 10 June 2022
London, Ontario, Canada


This conference will bring together theorists, philosophers and experimentalists interested in the conceptual basis needed for understanding quantum spacetime, and in the relevance of quantum information to this aim. It will also bring together members of the QISS consortium to foster new collaborations.

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Topics covered will include quantum superposition of spacetimes and the possibility of their detection in the laboratory, quantum reference frames, background independent quantum formalism, the role of relations and information in quantum spacetime physics and the philosophical questions raised by these issues. 

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While this conference is designed with in-person interactions in mind, it will be offered in a hybrid format to accommodate virtual attendance as well. For those unavailable on the event dates, sessions will also be recorded and shared online for viewing following the event dates.

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Conference Live Stream

View QISS 2022 conference sessions as they happen via live stream on the QISS YouTube channel — no registration necessary. Online comments will be monitored during discussion periods. Please refer to the full program for session dates & times.


06 Jun 2022

DAYS 2 – 4

07 – 09 Jun 2022


10 Jun 2022
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Western University
11151 Richmond Street, London, ON, CANADA N6A 3K7

QISS 2022 Sponsors

This conference is supported by the ID# 61466 grant from the John Templeton Foundation, as part of the QISS (The Quantum Information Structure of Spacetime) project. Additional support has been generously provided by the Rotman Institute of Philosophy.